Free the Blobs is now free to play!

We have exciting news – Free the Blobs is now free to play! The decision to change the pricing approach to the game was taken in autumn, and at the start of December the transition was complete.  Now users can download the game completely for free from both the... read more

New version to be released with sharper graphics

Here at Wookanana we’ve been working hard trying to improve the graphics within the game. Main menu overhaul One of the key changes is the complete change in the main menu.  Before the menu system used the simple still graphic for its background.  This simple... read more

Competition to win “Free the Blobs”

Competition time! Win a free download of the innovative puzzle game “Free the Blobs” on either Android or Apple! How to enter To enter the competition you must complete a challenge from the free demo of the game: The free Android demo can be found here:... read more

How to Upload Levels

So, What’s going on here? Well, we have been working hard over the last few weeks with the editor, but also with the website. is now a levels archive for uploading and downloading user-created content. Over the course of this post, we will show... read more

Release date set for full version of Free the Blobs

It’s with great excitement that Wookanana announce that the full version of Free the Blobs will be released at 2 pm on Tuesday the 28th of June! Why has the release been delayed? When Wookanana show-cased Free the Blobs at EGX-Rezzed in April, we told people... read more

iOS demo of Free the Blobs now available!

After a long wait, the iOS version of the Free the Blobs demo is now available in the App store.  We had a number of teething issues to resolve before we were able to achieve this, but now iPhone and iPad users can enjoy the demo / lite version of game. How to get the... read more

Introducing the level editor!

One of the most exciting features of Free the Blobs is that it contains a level editor.  This allows users to create new levels using their mobile device. Functionality The editor allows people to create their own levels from scratch. This is same editor that was used... read more

Cut scenes completed

Hello everyone. As part of putting the final polish on the game before its release, we’ve been working on the cut scenes for the game.  For release this will just consist of two cut scenes: an intro and a game completion one.  After release there is the... read more

The EGX Rezzed experience

Just over a month ago, Free the Blobs had its first public debut at EGX Rezzed.  The whole event took a lot of preparation (see previous post) and there were some fears that our mobile game would not be well received at such a predominantly pc and console exhibition.... read more

Free the Blobs goes to EGX Rezzed

We are very excited to announce that Free the Blobs will be showcased at the gaming exhibition EGX Rezzed! What will be there? The game of course! Come along to try out the demo of Free the Blobs.  The demo starts with a tutorial taking you through the basics of the... read more

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