It’s with great excitement that Wookanana announce that the full version of Free the Blobs will be released at 2 pm on Tuesday the 28th of June!

Why has the release been delayed?

When Wookanana show-cased Free the Blobs at EGX-Rezzed in April, we told people that we were expecting to release the full version at the start of May.  Why were we so far out with our estimate?  There are three main reasons:

Fully functional editor

The original plan was to initially release the game without the editor included.  However we were advised by our marketing gurus that the game would receive greater coverage if the editor was working at the release date.  Therefore a few weeks were poured into getting the editor in tip-top shape and fully working.  This has now been achieved (see our previous post on this HERE) and players will be able to use this tool to create and share their own levels.


Again our marketing gurus advised us that the game would get greater global coverage if it was available in more languages.  Therefore the demo and the game have now been fully translated into French and Spanish. Fortunately we have some friends (Margaux and Jon) who are currently training to be translators so this worked fairly well.  However this took some time to pull together and get working smoothly.

Avoid clashing with E3

For those of you who do not know, E3 is (arguably) the most prominent gaming convention of the year and its scheduled to run from June 11-13th.  For the days before, during and after this important event the gaming press and websites are focused on news about E3.  Therefore our marketing people told us to wait until the hype from the event had calmed down to increase the media attention received by the release of Free the Blobs.

Features of the full version

The full version of the game is packed with features!  The game has 5 tutorial levels, 65 main levels and 10 extra bonus levels.  Throughout the game different game obstacles and mechanisms are introduced (including robotic enemies) that keep the players on their toes.  The addition of the editor opens up new challenges as people can test each other with their own devious levels.

An intro cut-scene is used to set the story of the game, and should players finish they will be rewarded with a final cut-scene illustrating the fate of the blobs.  A medal system tracks the progress of players though the game as well as adding extra challenges to the levels (e.g. finish this level in a certain amount of moves).  Ten carefully chosen music tracks are used to set the mood of the game and a collections of sound effects helps bring the environment to life

Finally the game features no adverts or in-app purchases.  This is a key feature for the game and is something that Wookanana thinks should be re-introduced to the mobile gaming community.

Closing thoughts

Wookanana is excited that the wait is nearly over. We hope that you will enjoy the game as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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