We are very excited to announce that Free the Blobs will be showcased at the gaming exhibition EGX Rezzed!

What will be there?

The game of course! Come along to try out the demo of Free the Blobs.  The demo starts with a tutorial taking you through the basics of the game and then plunges you into the challenges of synchronised escape!

  • Experience the complication of moving two blobs at once
  • Adjust to multiple tile types, including slippy ice and sticky mud tiles
  • Unlock up to 5 of the achievement medals
  • Achieve satisfaction by solving the 15 levels and helping to Free the Blobs!

In addition to the demo, there will be some free promotional handouts, including our cute logo bugs:

Don't they look adorable?

Don’t they look adorable?

Who will be there?

Our stand will be manned by the Wookanana development team at all times.  Feel free to ask us any questions about the game or its development – we are always happy to talk to people!  It’s a great opportunity for us to actually meet people face to face and connect with our fan base.

Competition time!

Wookanana is running a competition at the event. If a person can complete the 15-level demo then (while stocks last) we will give them a Free the Blobs T-shirt!

We have a limited stock of T-shirts for each day, so get to our stand early to win yours!  Once the T-shirts have been depleted promotional codes for the full version of the game will be awarded to people instead.

T-shirt prizes!

T-shirt prizes!

About the event

The EGX Rezzed show runs for three days from April 7th to April 9th and is located at Tobacco Dock in London.

To buy tickets and for any other information about the event please visit their website: https://www.egx.net/rezzed/

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