Our website gives information about our new mobile game –   “Free The Blobs”, to be released soon.

Here you can watch trailers, download media and keep up to date with the game development. We’ve tried to keep the layout simple and clean, with the idea of adding additional content at a later date.

“Free The Blobs” is a new type of arcade puzzle game.  The basic concept is simple: control two, three or four blobs, guiding them to the exit of each level  The main feature of the game is that all the blobs move together – their movement is synchronised.  This simple concept presents some interesting problems for the player.  Throw in a range of tile types, hazardous puzzles and robotic entities intent on your destruction and you have the ingredients for a challenging and novel puzzle game.

The game is being developed by Wookanana.  We are a small, start up company focused on family friendly, intellectually stimulating games.  Currently we are working hard trying to get the game out by April this year.

We will use this blog to post news about upcoming events, promotions and also to showcase and discuss various features of the game and its development.

Thank you for visiting our website

The Wookanana team

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