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Developer: Wookanana Limited, based in Southampton, UK

Release Date: April 2016

Platforms: Android and Apple devices


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About the Developers

Wookanana is a new start up company based in Southampton, UK.  Currently it’s a one man band, being run by Stephen Wokes, who does everything associated with the game apart from the website, which is handled by Kyle Briggs.  Stephen does get invaluable help from his friends and family without which the game would not be what it is today.

Wookanana was founded with the ideal of developing family friendly and intellectually stimulating games.



Free The Blobs is an arcade puzzle game with a novel control mechanic.

You take control of the blobs, a new life form created within the evil lair of the robot overlords.  You must help them escape by guiding them to the exit of each level. The main feature of the game is that all the blobs move together – their movement is synchronised.  This simple concept presents some interesting problems for the player.  Throw in a range of tile types, hazardous puzzles and robotic entities intent on your destruction and you have the ingredients for a challenging and novel puzzle game.

  • 80 levels of mind – challenging fun
  • 8 different tiles types such as ice and mud, each with unique game features
  • 3 different types of robotic AI to fight against
  • Hint provided for each level
  • A skip feature which allows up to two levels to be skipped
  • 32 Medals awarded for achieving different milestones within the game
  • Free demo version of the game with 15 levels
  • 10 carefully chosen music tracks to help enhance the mood of the game
  • No in app purchases or adverts




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