Which platforms will the game be released on?

Android and Apple mobile and tablet devices.

There are plans to develop the game to for Windows phones and for Facebook.

How many levels are in the game?


There are 5 tutorial levels, 65 main levels and 10 bonus levels.  The main levels are unlocked in sequence, the bonus levels are unlocked at various milestones throughout the game.

I’m stuck on level x, how do I solve it?

Accessing the hint for each level (via the Hint Button) can sometimes point you in the right direction or get you thinking along the right tracks.

Up to 2 levels within the game can be bypassed by using the Skip Button.  Once you’ve used this function twice you cannot use again until you free up a “Skip”.  This is done by returning to a previously skipped level and completing it.  This functionality allows challenging levels to be postponed until a later time.

Finally there are walkthrough videos for each level hosted on the Wookanana YouTube channel, located here: LINK

Level x is too fast – I can’t press the buttons quick enough! Can you help?

The game comes with a time control feature on the UI.  This allows you to double the speed of the game (when you want to move faster) or slow things down by up to a factor of four.  When time is slowed even the most hectic level can played in a controlled and strategic manner.

Why is there a delay in blob movement when other things are moving?

“Free The Blobs” is a turn based game.  The game animates the movement between turns, but essentially the game jumps the placement of entities from one grid location to another.  The movement of all such entities on the grid must be time synchronised.  When nothing else is moving this doesn’t matter and the blobs respond instantly to a movement command.  However, when something else is in motion, e.g. a block, issued commands will be enacted at the next available time slot.  This results in the blobs’ movements looking a bit delayed some times.

I don’t like the sound effects / music, how do I turn it off?

From the Main Menu, select Options.  Within the Options Menu you can individually control the volume settings for music, movement sounds, character sounds and miscellaneous sounds.

I’m right handed, but the control buttons are on the left side of the screen. Can you help?

From the Main Menu, Select Options. Within the Options Menu you can change which side of the screen the control buttons are.

Is there an in-game editor?

Yes, but it’s currently not fit for release.  We are working hard to get it into the release for April, but it may have to wait until later in the year.

With the editor you can design your own levels, test them out and share them with other people.  Additionally you will be able to download levels from other places and play them on your device.  The core functionality to do this already works, as we used the editor to create the levels within the game.  However it is still a bit buggy and needs some attention.

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